Tips for Being Productive while Sick

Currently I am so sick that I can hardly move. My eyes ache. My body aches. I’ve got a fever. My tonsils are the size of plums. You know—all the characteristics of the ideal human specimen.

Yeah . . . I’m having an amazing time! 🙂

But even though I’m sick, I still need to get work done. Responsibilities don’t just vanish because your body is under assault by microscopic invaders! Anyway, here are my top tips for working while sick.

1) Breaks

Whenever you feel yourself growing weak, don’t hesitate to take a break. I’ve taken three naps today!

I’ve also reviewed a script I wrote for a short film, run to the supermarket for yogurt (to complement the plums in my throat), and I’ve even done a load of laundry. Yes, only one, but that was quite the task considering how weak I am right now.

But if I hadn’t taken breaks throughout the day to reenergize, I never would have accomplished these tasks. There’s nothing worse than trying to get stuff done when you feel like dying!

2) Honey

If you talk to anyone who knows me, they will most certainly tell you that I have an unnatural obsession with honey. Only completely organic honey, though; non-organic is filtered to the point that the health qualities have been removed. It also has added sugar.

Organic honey has different health properties depending on the flowers that the bees fed on. Lavender honey is able to raise mood. Eucalyptus, citrus, and labiatae honeys all have the ability to staunch a cough. 

I’ll often add honey to green tea or warm milk, which I have done several times today (more so the honey considering I forgot to get milk while I was out). When in doubt, pour honey down your spout!

3) Showers

When you’re sick, showers are magical. We ALL know this for a fact. Bathing helps us by washing away any microbes that cling to our skin, by clearing out our sinuses, and by stimulating our skin.

I have taken two showers today, washed my face once, and I plan to both wash my face and shower later tonight. 

Showers are so important, and if you’re sick, go take one!

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