The Value of Taking Breaks . . .

This time of year—with school semesters starting, internships taking off, and New Year’s resolutions reaching their breaking point—we start to ask ourselves if it’s all really worth it.

Do I want to drop out of school and become a hermit? Do I want to quit my internship and crawl back to school? Do I want to quit the gym and hit the potato chips?

The answer is no, of course, but exhaustion can convince us otherwise.

Girl, take a break!

1. It’s refreshing!

When we take breaks, we are allowed time to ourselves, to recuperate and revitalize our desire to move forward with whatever we’re working on. This is because our brains are no longer focusing so much energy on our goal.

You need to give your brain a break every now and then. Otherwise you will tucker the little guy out and become fatigued, which ruins your drive and crushes your dreams.

Breaks refresh us!

2. Gain focus!

When we take breaks, we not only allow ourselves to take a recover from stress, we also allow ourselves to come back to the project with fresh eyes. Taking time to distance yourself from your work or whatever you’re working on reorients you in terms of your progress and your direction in general.

The is especially so for creatives. Take a break, and ideas will flood in. Trust me.

3. Advance other parts of your life!

Whatever you’re working on is not everything in your life. You have family, friends, house chores, you name it! Taking a step back from your work allows you to do the things I’ve mentioned above, but also to work on the other aspects of your life.

Do your dishes. Call your mom. Get coffee with an old friend. Go on a date! I don’t know. But work isn’t everything, and if you can manage it, step back and focus some on the other parts of your life.

Everyone will be thankful for the break, especially you! 😉

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