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The Gift of Music

Generally I write about intern life and fun facts about Washington, DC. I sometimes dip into life hacks, like how to find your inspiration and all that.

But today will be a little different. 

Today I am going to write about the marriage of music and general efficiency, the assistance we can find in listening to music. Whether you’re washing the dishes or completing an assignment for work or school, listening to music can impact the way you tackle the task.

Strap on your dancing shoes and get ready!

1. Time Goes By . . . So Slowly!

Whenever I have to complete a tedious task, like mopping the kitchen or logging data for work (you know, really horrible tasks that take forever and make you want to cry), I always listen to music.

I’m a huge Madonna fan, so I generally put on one of her albums and get right to work. Her sick beats and angelic lilt make the time go by much more quickly, which is invaluable when I’m doing something tedious.

Mopping becomes a dance party, and logging data becomes a rave. Music helps immensely!

2. Ghosttown

Have you ever taken public transit? Driven yourself anywhere? Traveled at all? I’m sure you listen to music while you do it.

Traveling is a very isolating and lonely experience, but music gives you someone to travel with. Most songs tell some sort of story—a girl going wild and seeking forgiveness, falling in love again, whatever.

These stories can provide you some company and bring serenity to the otherwise daunting task of traveling. I always listen to music when I travel alone. And I recommend you do to! 🙂

3. Get Into the Groove

You know, sometimes we listen to music just to dance, to let go. Music has a way of uniting everyone on a dance floor and giving everyone the singular desire to cause a commotion.

I actually met one of my best friends (Ricardo, love him) through music. I was lounging in my hammock on my university campus, listening to Madonna’s MDNA on a loudspeaker. You know, as one does. And while he was walking by, he shouted something along the lines of “Yes! MDNA is her best album!”

And, well, the rest is history. We’ve been close friends ever since!

The point here is that music has the ability to bring people together. And if you listen to more music, unapologetically I must add, you’ll find yourself making more and more friends who identify with the artists you do.

So get out there and express yourself!

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