Self Care for an Intern

Being an intern is hard work. You’ve got to be up at the crack of dawn and in bed before midnight—and somehow you have to figure out how to have a social life on top of that.

It’s grueling work. I know; I’ve been there.

So sometimes you have to put yourself first in order to survive in this world. Now, I’m not saying you should call in sick to work because ~self care~. That’s very ill-sighted. I’m saying you should splurge on yourself to keep some sanity.

Here are my three favorite bits of self care:

1) Wash that face!

Your face is the most important part of your body. It’s what people first see when they meet you and thus what they base their snap-judgments on. It’s sad, but we do it. Don’t pretend like you don’t. 

So of course we should take care of our faces! It’s only natural. 

But sometimes we find ourselves in a slump or feeling down. And when I’m in a slump or feeling down, I head straight to the bathroom and wash my face. Then I do a mask, moisturize, apply a serum, whatever I’m in the mood for. I’m not entirely sure on the science behind it, but I know that skin products stimulate blood flow or something, which in turn revitalizes your will to go on.

I mean, I’m wearing a hydration mask right now—while I’m writing this sentence. Maybe you should try one too 😉

2) Spill that tea!

I don’t actually mean dump your tea on the floor, nor do I mean gossip with your friends (you youths know what I mean!). 

In truth I mean you should brew a pot of your favorite tea, whether that’s an herbal tea, a black, green, whatever. For me it’s an earl grey créme I picked up in London last winter. I boil water and brew it in a Chinese teapot (yes, I know brewing English tea in a Chinese pot is a sin; fight me).

This particular tea blend always calms me and reminds me of the evening I got it. I was with my friend Fedor, and we dipped into this little tea shop to warm up. We got to talking with the little old lady behind the counter, and then I left with the best tea I’ve ever had.

Historically tea has been used to heal spiritual wounds; it can help you take care of yourself today!

3) Bust a move!

Music has healing properties—at least I think so. Whenever I’m feeling down, I like to put on my favorite record (yes, I listen to records) and relax.

I have a very busy schedule, so the fixed increments of music found on a record allow me to carve out a set time to sit and relax. 

I suggest you do the same—not necessarily listen to vinyl, but listen to a whole album. It helps me! 🙂


These are all ritualistic activities, and historically rituals have helped us cope and clam down. Yoga. Prayer. Dance. Rituals. 

Find your ritual.

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