New Year, New Me

Equating a new year to a new you is nothing old. We as a culture (American culture; I can’t attest to anyone else’s, sorry) even have a yearly tradition of coming up with new year’s resolutions.

We make a list of things we think will improve our lives, and for the first week of the new year we do those things. It’s usually stuff like going to the gym or eating better.

But for some people, generally creatives or entrepreneurs (self-starting people), the new year is a fresh start. It’s a time to gauge your progress, re-evaluate your working methods, and project your success for the year.

That’s at least what I do. Here are some tips I adhere to when the new year rolls around and I want to be as successful as possible!

1. Where are we?

The first step to figuring what you need to do this year is identifying how far you’ve come. This can be in terms of anything: a novel you’re writing, a marketing campaign for a client, or even your health!

Whether you’ve written fifteen chapters or zero, whether you’ve identified your target demographic or not, whether you’re running daily 5K’s or can hardly walk a mile—your progress now is irrelevant.

You need only know where you are so you can plan ahead and see where you’re going!

2. Set goals!

After you’ve figured out where you are, you need to come up with miniature goals that will help you achieve your main goal. To stick with the above examples, if you’re writing a book, set out to work through plot points, not write a book.

And with a marketing campaign, identify the aspects of the campaign and work through those aspects rather than try to tackle the overarching goal of “marketing campaign!”

The same with working out. Instead of aiming to run a marathon, aim to run a mile nonstop, then bump that up to a mile and a half. 

Smaller goals are easier to accomplish, and those smaller goals eventually lead to the main goal of whatever it is you’re trying to do. Compartmentalize, my friend!

3. Execute!

The final step to accomplishing your goals in the new year is this: execute. Just do it.

Self-discipline is hard. It’s possibly the hardest thing out there. But it’s the most important quality to have when you’re trying to accomplish a task set by yourself.

Look at the icons of the world: Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Gianni Versace. They didn’t become who they are (or who they were #rip) without disciplining themselves. They took their lives one day at at time and accomplished their goals little by little.

You can do that too! You just need to make it happen. See how far you’ve come, set your goals, and execute the plan. You can do it.

I believe in you! 🙂

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