How to Be Productive Around the Holidays …

I know. I know. The holiday season is a time for connection with loved ones and relaxation. Or so we are told.

Sometimes we have to be productive during the holiday season, whether that’s with work or your side hustle or creative endeavors. You just gotta be productive sometimes.

And being productive this time of year is HARD.

But luckily for you I have some tips! These are my three tips for being productive around the holidays.

1. Compartmentalize

If you’re working around the holidays, it’s probably on a longer project, like a business proposal or a novel or an advertisement campaign. I don’t know, man. I just wanna represent everyone with my examples.

The way I tackle projects when I really don’t want to work (you know, because I want to spend time with family and relax) is this: I divide the project into smaller, digestible chunks.

If I’m working on a manuscript, I give myself daily goals of a few hundred words, which keeps me on track and moving forward.

You can do this with any project! I suggest you try it out 🙂

2. Beverage

It’s pretty common for creatives to have a specific drink they make when they’re getting in the zone to create. For me it’s earl grey creme tea with lavender honey and milk. It’s really the best!

But since I’ve drunk it while writing for something like three years, the moment I smell the tea leaves I am READY TO GO.

It doesn’t take long to condition yourself to view a drink this way, and in many ways you can do it in an instant. I suggest you try it out!

3. Rewards

After accomplishing your mini goals, which you compartmentalized from the whole, don’t forget to reward yourself. For me it’s a face mask usually. For you it can be a night out with the fam/friend group, or maybe it’s a candy bar. I don’t know what you’re into.

What’s important here is that you have some motivation to accomplish your goals while working in an environment that isn’t conducive of being productive. 

Rewards are everything!

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