How My First Internship Impacted Me …

Usually I write about life hacks for interns or things happening in the District. But today I’m going to write about something a little different. I thought I’d change it up. Ya know. Live a little. Or whatever.

I’m going to tell you about my internship and how it changed the way I interact with the professional world. Nothing too intense. 

1) The Enigma

Before we officially enter the professional world, we often view it as some enigmatic entity that can’t really be defined. We often view it as something foreboding and without a clear form of entry. In some ways this perspective is pretty accurate. But in others it couldn’t be further from the truth.

My first internship was with a startup based in Chicago, and my internship consisted of social media campaigns and marketing. This internship taught me much and more concerning the ways of the professional world—in that nothing is really set in stone.

Every person’s experience in the professional world is unique, and being afraid of it hinders your performance. So don’t be afraid and feel free to explore the world as much as you want.

2) No Rules!

Now when I say that there are no rules in the professional world, I am not talking about etiquette. I’m talking about how to accomplish goals.

I worked in marketing, and while marketing techniques exist, sometimes two very similar campaigns can have drastically different effects on people. One may be successful, while the other fails. And we don’t really know why.

One of the biggest takeaways from my experience was that if something works, then it works. The reasoning isn’t always important. So accomplish your goals in the professional world in whatever way works the best, as long as you’re being kind and courteous, of course!

3) Adaptability

Marketing isn’t exactly my specialty; I am much more interested in media production. However, there are rules in media production, whether it’s film or print, that apply to marketing. Appealing to an audience is really the same in an advertisement as it is in a story.

I learned through my internship how to apply storytelling techniques to more professional media. And this knowledge isn’t exclusive to this medium. This idea of transferring techniques is applicable in the sciences, entertainment, engineering, what have you.

You only need to learn to see it, which happened to me, and very well could happen to you.

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