24/7 on-site housing coordinators

It isn’t just the superior quality & comfort of our housing that sets us apart from our competition but a commitment to our tenants.

For a lot of our tenants, it’s the first time away from home or living in a big urban environment.  Adjusting to the work/life balance of a new internship can be a bumpy road.  That’s why The WIHN recognizes the importance of on-site housing coordinators (luxury condo property only) who live in the very same property as our residents.

These housing coordinators serve as a part of a rapid response team of staff dedicated to supporting your student or program participants.  Whether it’s a roommate disagreement, maintenance issue or just lending an ear, our housing coordinators are only minutes away when needed.

Peruse our online reviews and you’ll see the significant role our coordinators play in the lives of our tenants.  Brandy, Kim, Melanie, Sarah, Danielle & Brooke have all made a few lifelong friends among WIHN alumni.

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