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Cierra Pettiford
Cierra Pettiford

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

The apartment was really nice with a great location. AC broke a few times but maintenance was quick! Management was always available to help. My roommates were nice and we had fun together. Only reason I am giving it 4 stars was because it was SUPER pricey for the bedroom I had to share.

The Crew
The Crew

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

The WIHN made my move to DC incredible. Accommodations were great, everything was super close. I loved all of my interactions with this company and they helped me every step of the way. I tell all of my friends about this when they are moving to DC because it really was such a wonderful experience. Highly recommend.

Chaney Byers
Chaney Byers

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Had such a fantastic Summer living in D.C. with the wihn. I really liked the fact I didn’t have to bring anything except for my bedding. I was only a 15 minute walk to my internship on the Hill and my roommates walked to the monuments a few times. I’ll be back! Thanks for everything Melanie!

Anthony Pericolo
Anthony Pericolo

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

When you go for the WIHN (pronounced “win”), you will come out with a huge loss.

The school year was over, and I was excited to start my internship after paying over $5000 rent for the Greystone property for my ten week internship. I arrived in my room, which was a small double. My roommate had not arrived yet, but I had the company of a pile of dead flies, left there by the “professional cleaning staff” of the company’s secretary. My room conveniently had a bathroom in it, which smelled not of lemon Pledge, but of still water. Upon investigating it, I found that the shower had a pool of water in it; the shower’s drain was higher than the base of the shower, meaning that every time the shower would be used, there would be a pool of water left in it. I finish the job that the professional cleaning staff never completed, put on a pair of flip flops and splashed the still water from the shower and into the drain.

Now that I was all moved in, I finally took a moment, sat down, and began to plan my trip to my internship and to places like the grocery store. As I sat in my abnormally small bed (which is perfectly sized for the WIHN to squeeze in that extra bed and squeeze an extra $5000 out of unsuspecting interns), water began to drip on me from the air conditioner. I needed to cover it with a towel taped to the ceiling; I also needed to cover myself in more than a t-shirt and shorts because the air conditioner was constantly running. Feeling thirsty after performing the cleaning and maintenance that I shouldn’t have done, I reached out and grabbed a bottle of ice-cold water, not from the fridge, but from a case left on the floor in my room. From that point on, I practically lived in the living room of Greystone.

Fortunately/unfortunately, I wasn’t there for long. One morning, after a lot of rain, I unraveled myself from my sheets to get ready for my internship. I was tired since I woke up in the middle of the night to a loud gurgling sound, which was the sewer regularly settling. Suddenly, I stepped into a puddle of water and my socks and long pajamas were all wet. Could this place get any worse? That morning, I played “The Floor is Lava,” got dressed, headed to my internship, and decided to deal with the situation later.

While at my internship, my roommate text me saying that the secretary was on top of the situation. A plumber never came and all she did was clean up the water. The room kept flooding, and instead of a plumber, we got our secretary/landlady. She could not identify a problem. After cleaning our room for hours and after hearing of some more flooding, I finally got some good news from my roommate: the flooding stopped. Everything was back to normal!


Henry Campbell
Henry Campbell

2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I stayed at the WIHN in their Greystone Row House for ten weeks between May and August. While the one nice aspect of this house was it's proximity to the Capitol, the staff were difficult (to say the least) and the housing is expensive.

For example: if Melanie ever says she has a professional crew for things like plumbing or cleaning, she doesn't. It's her and her daughter. If something is wrong in your room, expect a lengthy back and forth to get assistance.

Also, if you want your security deposit back in a timely fashion, don't hold your breath. They'll feign "software issues" and hope you forget about your deposit until you badger them. Melanie: if there were software issues, why didn't you send EVERYONE'S deposit back after you got that fixed?

Long story short: save your time and money by finding an extended AirBNB or something else.

Confirming what those who already lived here have known for years,  a recent Wall Street Journal article listed Washington, D.C. as the most expensive place to live in the United States. In addition, The Washington Post published a government study that declared Washington, D.C. housing prices higher than those of New York City or San Francisco.

The WIHN’s unique pricing structure and shared living model allow us to provide not just a clean & comfortable space to stay but a number of housing options to fit any budget.   We are certainly aware that, at first glance, our pricing may come as a shock to those who have not lived in short term, fully furnished housing in our market.  However, please consider the following is included in our published rates;

  • Fully furnished accommodations (full list of standard items)
  • Premium cable packages
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Trash
  • Gas
  • Taxes
  • Amenities fees (for luxury condos)

Additionally, we’re pleased to offer amazingly convenient locations, newly constructed properties & lease terms less than 12 months for one incredible flat rate.

Shared living provides one of the most budget friendly housing options available in our nation’s capital.  You can be certain that The WIHN provides its residents with the most all-around bang for their housing dollar!

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