3 Holiday Events in Washington, DC

The holidays have arrived! The first sprinklings of snow are upon us; the first dash of flavor has been added to the holiday season. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to the max! And no one does the holidays quite like the capital. Well, maybe New York, but whatever!

Here are three holiday events this year in the District!

1. Free Stuff

The holiday season brings out the best in people. It’s just part of this time of year.

DC has special holiday markets every year, ice sculpture competitions, and light shows. Grab yourself a buddy or lover or maybe your dog/cat/pet of your choice, and hit the town, man! Explore the city and see what you can find for free!

2. Skate

Two words: ice skating. 

Seriously this is one of my favorite activities in the entire world. Every year I get back together with one of my old groups of friends and hit the ice with the elegance and grace of a three-legged baby deer.

(I’m not good at skating.)

DC has some of the most unique rinks in the world. You should check it out!

3. Holiday Markets

Each year the holiday markets return to town. You don’t necessarily need to spend money; for me the fun in outdoor markets like this (farmers’ markets are NOT the same) is in simply wandering around and socializing.

But you can find some incredibly interesting things in the holiday markets if you’re into that. I generally get a new scarf when I go! 🙂


Holiday time is the time of connection and exploration and eating sweets. So go explore DC with a buddy/lover/pet/on your own(!) and connect with the District around you.

Happy Holidays!

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