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Tenant Services Agreement


Tenant is mutually agreeable to the following information in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein:

The purpose of this Agreement is to establish certain financial and other relationships between The WIHN and Tenants occupying The WIHN properties. This document shall constitute only a license and shall not be deemed to constitute a lease or to create or transfer interest or a lien on real estate. The WIHN reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at its discretion. The relationship between The WIHN and the Tenant shall be subject to the terms and conditions in this Agreement.


A. STUDENT TENANT OCCUPANCY CAPACITY.  All luxury units and row homes consist of shared living. All residential properties owned and managed by The WIHN are to be occupied by the maximum allowable number of tenants.  In case of early or unexpected departure, the tenant(s) who remain agree to accept newly assigned roommate(s).

1.  LUXURY UNITS.  Each luxury unit contains 2-3 bedrooms *, accommodating 1-4 twin beds per bedroom, allowing 5-7 Tenants to reside in each unit.  *Some units contain a converted den which qualify in accordance The District of Columbia Housing Code, that may act as a single bedroom, with or without a window.

2. ROW HOMES.  Each row home contains 3-4 bedrooms per floor, accommodating 1-4 twin beds per bedroom, allowing up to 5-7 Tenants per floor, and up to 17 Tenants per home.


1. SINGLE.  One twin size bed in a bedroom or converted den; with or without a window.

2. DOUBLE.  Two twin size beds in a bedroom or converted den; with or without a window; beds may be (un)bunked upon agreed consent of occupying tenants.

3. TRIPLE.  Three twin size beds in a bedroom; beds may be (un)bunked upon agreed consent of occupying tenants.

4. QUAD.  Four twin size beds in a bedroom; beds may be (un)bunked upon agreed consent of occupying tenants.

C. RIGHT OF OCCUPANCY.  Tenants have a right of occupancy in and access to space in the property and room assigned by The WIHN or authorized agents, shared use of facilities and furnishings in the common areas on the property in which the space is located, and supplies and services as provided on our Standard Items List (addendum attached).

D. ASSIGNMENT, RATE & TERM OF OCCUPANCY.  Space assignment, with its applicable rate, is made by THE WIHN in accordance with Paragraph 3 of this Agreement. The term will be the period of time covered by the summer, fall and/or spring sessions or other mutually agreed upon dates as noted above, for residential housing accommodations; and subject to other terms outlined in this agreement.

E. ORGANIZATION STAFF TENANT OCCUPANCY (if applicable).  In the event of a Sponsoring Organization, Housing occupancy for participating staff or faculty members is as outlined in the Group Housing Services Agreement.

The WIHN reserves all rights concerning assignment, reassignment, and adjustments in accommodations it may consider necessary during the terms of this Agreement.  In the event of an educational Sponsoring Organization, The WIHN will attempt to give great consideration should the Sponsoring Organization submit preferential rooming assignments on behalf of their students, unless otherwise noted.


1. GENDER.  Priority is given and every effort is made to assign the same gender within each unit or floor of each row home. However, only in the event of space restrictions, The WIHN reserves the right to accommodate members of the opposite sex within the same unit, or floor, upon consent of other Tenants currently residing in the unit or floor.  Under no circumstances will The WIHN assign members of the opposite sex to reside in a shared bedroom.

2.  REQUESTS.  Insofar as possible and as space permits, a reasonable effort is made to honor requests for specific assignments, rooms, and mutual roommate requests.  Failure to honor roommate preference will not void this Agreement.  The WIHN will not accommodate roommate requests based on a preference of a certain race, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

3. CONSOLIDATION.  The WIHN reserves the right to consolidate Tenants should there be a need for space based upon gender or to authorize the maximum allowable number of tenants per The District of Columbia Housing Code.  Consolidation refers to reassigning students without roommates together to create more assignment options.

B. CONTRACT NOT TRANSFERABLE.  This Agreement is not transferable and may not be sold or reassigned.  Tenant is not permitted to assign or exchange space assignment given by The WIHN, or to assign any other right created by this contract to any other person or organization. However, the provisions of this paragraph shall not prevent The WIHN from reassigning, re-licensing, or taking any other action permitted on termination of Agreement under the  Termination clause of this Agreement.


Any prospective Tenant or applicant who wishes to cancel their reservations must do so by written email notice received by The WIHN no later than 30 days prior to occupancy.  If notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to the noted arrival date issued in the original acceptance with the WIHN, regardless of application date, applicant will forfeit the four hundred dollar ($400.00) security deposit.


Tenant may be eligible for extended stays on a per week basis.  A written request for extension of stay must be submitted to The WIHN and eligibility is subject to availability at the time of request. A Tenant extending residential services with The WIHN beyond the session end date of the original Agreement shall honor the terms of this Agreement for the duration of the extended term.


The WIHN will not be held liable or responsible for a Tenant’s early withdrawal from their Housing for ANY reason, including, but not limited to termination of employment or internship, illness, relocation, or family circumstances.  As such, there will be no refund or reimbursement of Housing fees.


A. CONDITION.  Tenant will respect his or her living environment and all furnishings/provisions within.  As such, Tenant agrees to maintain the space in a clean, orderly, undamaged, and sanitary condition at all times for the duration of their tenancy.

B. REGULAR CLEANLINESS.  Tenant agrees to regularly maintain an appearance of their personal space conducive to a harmonious living environment with their roommate(s) (if applicable).  The Tenant further agrees to pay particular attention to common areas shared by other Tenants, up to and including all exterior premises, by de-cluttering, disposing, cleaning, and returning the area to its original condition after each use.

C. ADDITIONAL CHARGES.  Tenants who cannot keep common areas free of personal items or trash may be responsible for extra cleaning services as determined by The WIHN.  If additional cleaning or disposal services are required to consistently maintain a neat and orderly appearance of The WIHN common areas and surrounding premises, charges from such may be prorated among all Tenants in the unit/house unless the responsible party is identified.  Additional charges not paid will be deducted from Tenant’s security deposit.

D. HOUSEKEEPING (if applicable).  Where applicable, The WIHN will provide a rotational, once a month housekeeping service (for the common areas ONLY) of Tenant’s unit/house.  This service is used for the purpose of SUPPLEMENTAL cleaning and does NOT replace the regular cleaning duties required by each Tenant.  Housekeeping will only enter into the private quarters of our Tenants to access attached baths.

E. RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY.  The assigned space may be used solely for personal residence by Tenant(s).  No business or commercial enterprise of any kind may be conducted in, or operated from, The WIHN Housing.

F. LOCK BOXES.  Lock boxes are located within close proximity of all unit/house laundry areas for the convenience of all Tenants.  They are checked routinely by The WIHN Staff for items such as payments, keys, lost and found items, paperwork, etc.

G. CLEANING SUPPLIES.  As a courtesy, The WIHN supplies its Tenants with an initial allocation of cleaning supplies and certain disposable goods. Once initial supply is depleted, Tenant is responsible for providing his/her own necessities.


A. DAMAGES.  Tenant will be financially responsible for loss or damages to the space or furnishings (including common areas), caused by willful acts, negligence, or accidents, in excess of their deposit amount of two hundred dollars ($200.00).  Tenant will also be responsible for loss or damage caused by failure to report a malfunction of equipment or other needed repair. Double-sided foam tape, nails, contact paper, etc. are not to be used on the walls and furniture.

B. JOINT RESPONSIBILITY.  If the space is assigned to more than one Tenant, each shall be responsible for his/her own Housing payments and personal space/bed. Liability charges from damages done in common areas may be prorated among all Tenants in the unit/house unless the responsible party is identified.

C. MAINTENANCE and REPAIRS.  Tenant is to notify The WIHN via email to file a work order for all non-emergency maintenance and repair issues.  All maintenance and repairs to the premises are to be made only by personnel authorized by The WIHN.  In the case of a maintenance or mechanical issue that requires immediate attention, row homes will be provided with an emergency number to contact and luxury units are to contact the complex concierge.  A maintenance or repair request automatically grants entry into the space.  However, that entry will be for the purpose of making requested repairs or alterations and shall be at reasonable times.  Maintenance staff will take care of requests as rapidly as can be accomplished. It is usually not possible to give a precise time when such maintenance or repairs can be completed.


A. TENANT’S PERSONAL PROPERTY.  The WIHN shall have no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, the Tenant’s personal property anywhere in the residential facilities, whether by fire, theft, or otherwise; or for direct or consequential damages arising from loss of, or any interruption of, any utility service provided by The WIHN or any other person or organization in connection with residential services.

B. INJURIES OR DEATH.  The Tenant will use good, safe judgment while using The WIHN equipment and facilities.  The WIHN assumes no liability for injuries, loss, or damage, including death, due to Tenant’s or other resident’s use of The WIHN Housing accommodations including, but not limited to: kitchens, furnishings, appliances, provisional equipment, recreational equipment or facilities, elevators, etc.

C. FORCE MAJEURE.  The WIHN shall have no responsibility for failure to perform any terms or conditions of this Agreement as a result of a Force Majeure.  For the purposes of this Agreement, a “Force Majeure” is any condition deemed by The WIHN to be beyond the control of The WIHN such as, but not limited to:  fires, earthquakes, floods, “Acts of Nature”, strikes, work stoppages or other labor disturbances, riots or civil commotions, litigation, war, acts of terrorism, plague, epidemic or pandemic. In the event that a Force Majeure requires evacuation or relocation of the Tenant in accordance with the requirements established by the District of Columbia, or other agency of authority, the Tenant must immediately comply with such evacuation or relocation order.  The WIHN shall have no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, the Tenant’s personal property that is left behind in any residential facility following the Tenant’s evacuation or relocation.  In situations such as this, The WIHN reserves the right to make special room assignments or other occupancy arrangements, as space would permit, to accommodate those conditions, but The WIHN shall not be obligated to do so. No refund of housing will be made if The WIHN fails to provide residential services due to a Force Majeure, except at the sole discretion of The WIHN.


Tenant will work cooperatively with The WIHN to maintain a safe and secure environment where individuals accept responsibility for inappropriate behaviors.  Tenant is expected to report all incidents of inappropriate behavior.  If individual liability cannot be determined, any damages that may result thereof, become the shared responsibility of all residents within the unit or house.  Tenant will reimburse The WIHN for loss or damage of The WIHN property beyond ordinary wear and tear (including leaving rooms or furnishings in unclean, unsanitary or in hazardous condition) caused by Tenant or Tenant’s guest(s).


Although The WIHN attempts to give notice of entry via email, Tenant agrees that The WIHN personnel or its agents are authorized to enter Tenant’s house/unit/room without Tenant’s consent to: respond to emergency situations, halt any disruption of The WIHN operations, check lockboxes, conduct general and periodic inspections for health, safety and property, cleaning, maintenance, or repair of the furnishings, property, utilities, cable and/or internet services, and to determine whether the room has been vacated at the termination of Tenant’s Agreement.


Unauthorized tampering with internet equipment or cable usage may result in discontinuation of service. Any charges incurred by THE WIHN due to such unauthorized usage shall be billed to the Tenant.


Pursuant to Paragraph 2 of The WIHN’s Rules and Regulations, Tenant agrees to be held liable financially and otherwise if his or her guest is found to be in violation of overnight or visitation rules.  A warning will be issued as well as a fine of one-hundred dollars ($100.00) per night of guest’s accumulative stay will be assessed and billed to hosting Tenant. Further violation will constitute a breach of contract and MAY result in immediate relocation or expulsion from The WIHN residential property.  No refund of Housing fees or deposit will be made if Tenant is dismissed for breach of contract.


It is the intent of The WIHN to protect Tenant from communicable diseases that pose reasonable risk of harm to members of The WIHN shared living environment.  It is also the intent of The WIHN to protect the rights of those infected with a communicable disease. Tenants who do become infected with a communicable disease are subject to the guidelines listed below.  The WIHN will be flexible in its response to incidents of communicable disease, evaluating each occurrence in light of this policy and current available medical information.

A. DEFINITION.  Communicable disease shall be defined as an illness due to an infectious agent or its toxic products which is transmitted directly or indirectly to a person from an infected person or animal through various ways. Communicable disease shall include, but not be limited to:  chicken pox, measles, mumps, mononucleosis, Ebola, SARS, or any other communicable disease which may prove to be a health threat to other residents.

B. OBLIGATION.  Tenants who know or who have reason to believe that they are infected with a communicable disease are to seek expert medical advice and attention immediately; and shall be responsible for all financial liabilities associated therein. Persons infected have an ethical and legal obligation to conduct themselves in accordance with such knowledge in order to protect themselves and others. Should Tenant refuse to receive medical attention within a reasonable time period to prevent continual transmission, The WIHN will contact the Center for Disease Control on behalf of infected Tenant. Tenant agrees to adhere to the recommended instructions of the Center for Disease Control or shall be considered in Breach of Contract and may lead to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from The WIHN program and forfeiture of all previously paid Housing fees and deposit.

C. ACCOMMODATIONS.  The WIHN will attempt to make accommodations within reason, availability, and in light of current available medical information to the infected person and/or other residents, whenever possible, to ensure reduced risk of continual transmission.

D. MEDICAL STATEMENT.  An infected Tenant returning to The WIHN housing after a leave of absence for reasons related to the communicable disease must provide a statement from his/her physician indicating their current medical status.  An infected Tenant can continue with their housing arrangements so long as the best available medical evidence indicates that his/her continual status does not present a health or safety threat to themselves or others.  Tenant is to submit the statement to their WIHN intern coordinator.

E.  CLEANING AND SANITATION.  The infected Tenant will be responsible for fees incurred for any additional cleaning or sanitation necessary for reasons related to the communicable disease to provide a healthy living environment for the other residents within the shared living environment.

F. HOUSING FEES.  No refund or reimbursement of Housing fees will be made should a leave of absence be necessary to avoid continual transmission of the communicable disease.

G.  PRIVACY.  All medical information relating to the communicable diseases of Tenants will be kept confidential without the prior specific written consent of Tenant unless required by state and/or federal law.  Refer to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.


A. NOTICE.  When leaving The WIHN property at the end of the session, Tenant agrees to give notice to The WIHN of check-out and turn in key(s) per the instructions of The WIHN Intern Housing Coordinator on or before the time of check-out.

B. REMOVAL OF ITEMS.  Tenant also agrees to leave his/her space clean and properly sufficient for the next resident, at the time of check-out.   ALL Tenant’s items must be removed from drawers, closets and other personal spaces.  ALL Tenant’s personal frozen, refrigerated, cabinet, pantry, cleaning and toiletry items must be removed from the housing unit.

C. INSPECTION AND CLEANING CHARGE.  If upon inspection by The WIHN at or about the time of check-out, it is determined that the vacated space is not cleaned and properly sufficient for the next resident, Tenant agrees to pay The WIHN a one-hundred dollar ($100.00) cleaning service charge.

D. LEFT ITEMS.  The WIHN will not be held liable for ANY personal belongings left on the property.  If given due notice of left items, The WIHN will make a reasonable effort to retrieve items on Tenant’s behalf for pick-up.  The WIHN or its agents will not be responsible for mailing left items to Tenant.

E.  LOADING LUGGAGE AND BELONGINGS.  Under NO circumstances is Tenant permitted to park in the the front central driveway to move their belongings in/out of the luxury condo units.  Side exits and loading docks are to be used for this purpose.  Tenant understands and agrees that any violation of this notice will result in FULL forfeiture of deposit.


A. REFUND.  Dependent upon adherence to the Space Clearance Procedure as referenced herein, the four hundred dollar ($400.00) security deposit, less any applicable third party processing fees, will be returned electronically via PayPal, to the Tenant’s email address on file, within 45 days of the end of the session date.  Should Tenant not have a PayPal account.

B. FORFEITURE AND DEDUCTIONS.  Tenant agrees that security deposit may be forfeited for reasons up to and including, but not limited to any violation of term or condition as set forth in this Agreement and other integral parts, i.e. The WIHN Rules and Regulations. Deductions to deposits may be made according to guidelines as set forth herein.


The WIHN Rules and Regulations are specifically incorporated as an integral part of this Agreement.  The Rules and Regulations are established to provide a safe harmonious community living environment for Tenant and others to live. The Tenant agrees to abide by The WIHN Rules and Regulations for the duration of his/her stay and understands that any violation of the rules or other policies outlined herein will be considered a Breach of Contract and may lead to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from The WIHN program and forfeiture of all previously paid Housing fees and deposit.


If Tenant believes there to be an imminent threat and believes they are in immediate danger, Tenant is to call 911 emergency services immediately.

The WIHN recognizes the potential for conflict among its tenants.  When a conflict arises, The WIHN STRONGLY encourages tenant-based resolution as the first step in approaching most situations. If you are unable to come to a mutual agreement with a tenant-based resolution, Tenant may begin the following procedure:

A. COMPLAINT SUBMISSION.  Tenant is to submit a formal complaint via email to The WIHN, detailing the nature of the incident(s), the attempt at a tenant-based resolution and the result of that attempt.  Tenant is to use his/her own personal email address to submit the statement. If additional tenants are involved they are to submit their version of events from their individual email.

B. VERIFICATION.  If not previously submitted, The WIHN will request statements or other evidence from other residents or individuals that may have witnessed or were otherwise subjected to the incident(s), specifically those mentioned in the original complaint.

C. NOTIFICATION AND RESPONSE.  The WIHN will notify the offending party in writing (via email) as to the nature of the complaint that has been brought forth against them.  The offending party will be given 48 hours to provide a response and any evidence deemed appropriate.

D. DETERMINATION.  Once statements are received from all parties The WIHN Director of Housing in deliberation with The WIHN Staff will make a determination as to how to continue with any necessary recourse or disciplinary action.

E. RECOURSE/DISCIPLINARY ACTION.  Giving consideration to the merits and nature of the complaint, a range of action may be taken from a simple warning, to termination of this Agreement, to removal from The WIHN program and residential property.  No refund of Housing fees will be made to Tenant if dismissed for disciplinary actions.


Lost, stolen, or misplaced keys must be brought to The WIHN’s attention immediately.  A fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) will be assessed to all lost or non-returned row home keys sets and one hundred and seventy-five dollars ($175.00) for lost or non-returned electronic FOB access key sets.


The WIHN encourages Tenants NOT to bring motor vehicles and accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for tickets for parking infractions incurred while in the District of Columbia. For those who do bring motor vehicles:

A. METERED AND ON STREET PARKING.  Metered or other on-street parking is available, but extremely limited to Tenants of The WIHN’s row homes and luxury unit properties and will be the sole responsibility of the Tenant.

B. LUXURY UNIT PARKING.  The WIHN’s luxury unit properties have a parking garage available for a non-negotiable two hundred-fifty dollars ($200.00) per month, with a minimum four (4) month commitment, payable in full, prior to residency or at check-in. Processing for parking permit is approximately one week.

22.  PACKAGE/PARCEL DELIVERY (Luxury Units Only)

The WIHN accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for the signing or delivery of packages to Tenant. ALL Tenants must utilize tracking information provided by the shipper or delivery services company to obtain the status of their package. The concierge will sign and accept packages on Tenant’s behalf, but responsibility for arrival and delivery information rests solely with the intended recipient(s).


This Agreement may be terminated in the following manner:

A. VIOLATION.  If a Tenant violates any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including failure to pay, the Tenant may be given written notice by The WIHN that the Agreement has been terminated and to vacate The WIHN property.

B. TENANT BEHAVIOR.  If Tenant exhibits behavior or mode of living by which, in the judgment of The WIHN, it would be in the best interest of the Tenant, other residents, or The WIHN community for the Tenant to leave The WIHN property, then this Agreement may be terminated unilaterally by The WIHN upon due notice (as defined by the management of The WIHN), and a cancellation of space charges may be made.

C. FAILURE TO VACATE SPACES.  Tenant must vacate the space on the effective date of termination. Upon Tenant’s failure to take all summary action to vacate, The WIHN is irrevocably authorized on behalf of Tenant to take immediate possession of the space, secure possession, and remove and store student’s belongings without any liability on the part of The WIHN for damage or loss. In that event, The WIHN will make no charge for the first three week’s storage; but thereafter storage charges shall accrue at the rate of fifty dollars ($50.00) per week for the next five (5) weeks.  At the end of this eight (8) week period The WIHN is irrevocably authorized on behalf of Tenant to dispose of these belongings in any manner which it shall see fit without any obligation to make payment of any kind to Tenant resulting from such disposition, damage or loss.  In connection with disposition of such property by The WIHN, it is expressly agreed by Tenant that as a condition of this Agreement the value of Tenant’s belongings is one hundred dollars ($100.00) or less.

D. NOTICE TO TENANT.  Unless otherwise provided, The WIHN may terminate the Agreement by providing such notice to the Tenant by registered email address, or certified mail to the Tenant at the Tenant’s address, or by hand delivery to the Tenant.

E. FUTURE HOUSING OBLIGATIONS.  A Tenant whose Agreement has been terminated may be refused assignment of Housing at a later date.


The following does NOT apply to Tenant receiving a discounted rate through a Sponsoring Organization.  Student or Faculty Tenants under the authority of a Sponsoring Organization shall refer to payment terms and conditions outlined in The WIHN Group Housing Services Agreement with their Sponsoring Organization for payment rate, method, and schedule.

A. PAYMENT.  Payment is due in FULL on or before the session check-in (or move-in) date as noted below. All funds will be made payable to “The WIHN, LLC”.  Payment may be made via personal check, credit card, or other certified funds as follows:

1. THE WIHN INTERN HOUSING COORDINATOR.  Payment may be made directly to Tenant’s Intern Housing Coordinator via personal check or other certified funds at time of check-in.

2. UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (USPS).  Payments may be sent via USPS to The WIHN, LLC, 210 I Street NE, Washington DC  20002 and MUST be received PRIOR to check-in.

3. ONLINE.  Upon request for electronic invoice, The WIHN accepts credit card payment via PayPal, credit, debit via phone.  Be advised that credit/debit/PayPal will require a 3% processing fee, unless otherwise noted by The WIHN. To avoid this fee, refer to above method of payments.

B. SPLIT PAYMENT OPTION (if applicable).  Tenant has the option to select split payments. By choosing our split payment plan the undersigned Tenant agrees to pay 50% of total Housing fees on session check-in date while understanding that the remaining 50% balance is due within 30 days from the session check-in date. Tenant also agrees to the additional two hundred dollar ($200.00) service fee for selecting this payment plan.

C. LATE PAYMENT, PENALTIES AND RETURNED CHECKS.  Tenant acknowledges that late payments made within 7 days from their due date are subject to a 5% penalty. Payments received within 14 days of due date are subject to a 10% penalty on all outstanding balances.  Checks or other payments returned for insufficient funds are subject to a one hundred seventy-five dollar ($175.00) service charge.

D. FAILURE TO PAY.  Outstanding Housing fees not paid within 14 days of due date will result in termination of this Agreement, Tenant receiving a notice to vacate premises immediately, and forfeiture of deposit.

E. TENANT RESPONSIBILITY.  It is the responsibility of the tenant to keep track of when payments are due and to stay in communication with The WIHN regarding payment status.

F. LEGAL REMEDIES & BINDING ARBITRATION.  The WIHN reserves the right to pursue any and all legal remedies to collect all unpaid rental fees.


Unless otherwise agreed upon in The WIHN Group Housing Services Agreement with a Sponsoring Organization, rates are determined according to unit and amenities, length of stay, and peak-availability (credit collett). Rates are stated as a flat rate per session and will NOT be prorated. Adjustments of dates may be made at the discretion of The WIHN and subject to availability.


A. Should a breach of contract become evident, The WIHN will notify the Tenant of breach and the Tenant will then have 48 hours after notice to present to The WIHN Director of Housing any evidence the Tenant deems appropriate. The WIHN Director of Housing will make a determination as to how to proceed.

B. A breach of The WIHN’s Zero Tolerance Rule (as stated in Rules and Regulations, Paragraph A, 1) WILL result in cancellation of this Agreement by The WIHN, forfeiture of all Housing fees, and exclusion from the residential property.

C. Any violations of the above or any other published regulations as set forth by The WIHN management will constitute a breach of contract and MAY result in immediate relocation or expulsion from The WIHN residential property.

D. No refund of Housing fees or deposit will be made if Tenant is dismissed for breach of contract.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the District of Columbia.  Moreover, it is mutually agreed that if any provision of this contract is determined invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity or enforcement of the remaining provisions herein.