Tenant Rules

Our rules are put in place to remind tenants of their shared living environment and to remain respectful and considerate of their room/unit mates at all times.  Although we have the authority to perform random “spot checks”, we do respect our tenant’s privacy; therefore, this practice is not common.  However, any violation of WIHN Rules and Regulations brought to our attention WILL be addressed immediately.

Each Tenant will be asked to review and agree to the following list of rules and WIHN policies as a condition of their stay.

1.  SECURITY.  Tenant agrees to assume the responsibility for maintaining the security of the building and individual rooms. Keys are the property of The WIHN and may not be loaned, transferred, or duplicated. Tenant agrees to report lost or stolen keys to The WIHN immediately. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to keep his/her unit and/or room door locked at all times. Tenant further agrees to escort guests at all times while they are on the property.

2.  GUESTS.  All residential properties of The WIHN consist of a community living environment. For the consideration and security of other residents, Tenant agrees that:

a. Unaccompanied and/or overnight guests are strictly prohibited, including family.
b. Guests are NOT permitted in The WIHN Housing between the hours of 9:00 pm – 7:00 am.
c. Tenant will be held liable financially and otherwise if his or her guest is found to be in violation of overnight or visitation rules.
d. Tenant will be held responsible for his/her guests’ behavior and therefore agree to inform guests of The WIHN Rules and Regulations.

3. NOISE.  Quiet hours coincide with visitation hours, from 9:00 pm – 7:00 am.  For the consideration of other residents, Tenant agrees to adhere to the following:

a. Tenant will strive to create an environment conducive to study and sleep. As such, Tenant shall cooperate immediately with all requests for quiet. If there are repeated infractions of this rule, in addition to other sanctions, The WIHN may require the removal of disruptive stereos and/or other amplified sound equipment. Warnings may be issued resulting from complaints. Repeat offenders will be expelled from residence.
b. Tenant will be respectful of other residents as well as neighboring homes and units.

4.  ALCOHOL.  No alcohol is permitted in WIHN housing at any time.

4a.  There will be no verbal warnings given regarding alcohol.

4b.  If alcohol is found in said unit, a $100.00 fine will be imposed to each individual tenant within the unit.

4c.  DRINKING GAMES.  If any evidence of drinking games, including but not limited to red solo cups, ping pong balls, shot glasses, etc., a $250.00 fine will be imposed to each individual tenant within the unit.  If a second occurrence should happen, the Tenant will be removed from the housing program with no refund of housing fees or deposit.

4d.  ROOFTOPS.  Drinking games on the rooftop are strictly prohibited.  This is a professional community and will be treated as such.  If anyone is caught engaging in drinking games, will be fined $250.00 and immediately removed from the housing program and premises.  The removal of said tenant will not be refunded any housing fees or deposit.

5. SMOKING.  No smoking is permitted inside any WIHN property.

6.  COMMON AREAS.  All common area furnishings MUST be kept in common areas for the benefit of all tenants. Keeping common area furnishings in your room is strictly prohibited.

7.  TIDINESS.  All WIHN residents acknowledge that they are living in a shared space with others. Tenant agrees to work with other residents in determining an agreeable schedule or routine for managing all areas of cleanliness and contributing to the tidiness of the unit and property. Each Tenant is expected to clean up after himself or herself.  All attempts must be made at keeping common areas free from personal clutter and trash. Tenants who cannot keep their personal items or trash in their rooms or out of common areas may be forced to pay for extra cleaning & maid services.

8.  WASTE DISPOSAL.  Tenant agrees to work with other residents in determining an agreeable schedule or routine for managing all areas of cleanliness and waste disposal.

a. Luxury Units – It is Tenant’s and other residents’ responsibility to regularly and frequently remove bagged and tied waste from the premises, to be placed in the waste disposal chute located on each floor of the luxury complex. If items are too large to fit into the chute, items are to be taken to the loading dock located in the lower level parking garage. Under NO circumstances is refuse to be left unattended in any hallway or disposal room.

b. Row Homes – It is Tenant’s and other residents’ responsibility to regularly and frequently remove bagged and tied waste from the premises (at least once per day), to be placed in the outdoor receptacles provided, and taken to the curb the evening prior to the specified collection days.  COLLECTION DAYS: Trash and recycling bins must be set out on the curb to be collected on days specified by The WIHN.  Trash Recycling bins should be placed curbside to be collected on Monday mornings. Bins MUST be brought inside no later than 8 p.m. on the day of collection. Failure to bring bins inside prior to this time may result in fines from the District of Columbia and a deduction from security deposits.

9. FIRE SAFETY.  Fire extinguishers or fire ladders must only be used in cases of emergency, and use must be reported immediately to the WIHN office.  Accessing roofs or roof decks for any reason except fire evacuation is prohibited.

10. BICYCLES.  All bicycles MUST be locked to proper bicycle racks or designated bicycle parking spaces. Storage of bicycles in units is a safety hazard and is strictly prohibited.  The WIHN accepts no responsibility for bicycles.

11.  MOTOR VEHICLES.  The WIHN encourages Tenant not to bring motor vehicles and accepts no responsibility for tickets for parking infractions incurred while in the District of Columbia.

12. LOST KEYS.  Lost, stolen or otherwise misplaced keys must be brought to the WIHN’s attention immediately. A fee of $75.00 will be assessed to all lost row home keys sets and $175.00 for the luxury unit’s electronic FOB key sets.

12a. LOCKOUTS  Lockouts occur when the tenant is unable to access his/her property or bedroom through no fault of The WIHN or its staff (i.e. lost or misplaced keys).  Lockouts requiring the assistance of WIHN personnel or an affiliate AFTER normal business hours will be assessed a $100.00 additional service fee PER INSTANCE.

13. DAMAGES.  Tenant is expected to leave the property in the same condition as is was found. Tenants (individually or jointly) assume financial responsibility for any and all damage caused to the property that may be in excess of their deposit amount ($400).

14.  CONDUCT.  Any Tenant found to be disruptive to other residents or to the shared living environment is subject to re-location and/or removal from the WIHN residential program. This determination is to be made by the WIHN Director of Housing in consultation with WIHN staff.

15.  HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING.  The WIHN strives to be as environmentally responsible as possible.  As a result, we have carefully set each thermostat in our apartments and homes at the optimum temperature depending upon time of year.  Due to the nature of the shared living environment it is impossible to select a room temperature that satisfies every inhabitant. The WIHN will close/open vents in your room to accommodate request but under no conditions are wall mounted thermostats to be tampered with.  Unauthorized tampering with HVAC controls and equipment will result in the forfeit of any and all security deposits. ALL windows must remained closed while the equipment is running.

16.  ZERO TOLERANCE.  The WIHN has a zero tolerance policy towards violence, threats or intimidation towards fellow roommates or WIHN staff. Any threatening, aggressive, unwarranted or unwanted conduct meant to intimidate a roommate, WIHN staff person, or its agents will result in an immediate expulsion from your residence and surrender of all housing fees.

17. VIOLATIONS.  Violations of the above or any other published regulations set forth by WIHN management can and will result in immediate relocation or expulsion from the WIHN property.