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George Elliott Morris
George Elliott Morris

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

You have an internship, you have a new suit, what's next? Housing. The WIHN provides what you will need over your summer stay. Although my row home was not glamorous – one housemate had a leak from his light bulb for a week or so – the convenient location and excellent management make up for it. At the risk of maybe being too honest for the WIHN's liking, there are better places to rent for the price you pay here, but they're far out of town and none come furnished. You really can't find a better 3-month deal for your stay in DC (trust me, I've tried!)

Ellen Hekman
Ellen Hekman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Since 2013, we have housed more than 100 students at WIHN’s Greystone facility during all of our spring semester programs while they worked at internships in Washington. As the program coordinator for our Semester in Washington D.C. and the primary administrative contact on housing for our college’s program, I have researched various housing options over the past ten years. In my hours of research and comparing other sites in or around the city, I have not found a better “deal” in terms of cost, quality or accessibility. The fact that Greystone is located right in the district is an important factor for us, since it allows our students ready access to transportation, internship sites, site seeing opportunities, and the culture and life of Washington D.C.
Housing costs in Washington D.C. are extremely high, and with our focus on keeping the cost of participating in our semester-long D.C. internship program manageable for our students, I have not found a better option cost-wise for our students than WIHN’s Greystone housing.
Living with up to 20 students in this large house certainly constitutes communal living, and there are benefits and pressures that accompany such housing arrangements. The students regularly comment at the close of the semester that the close friendships formed with housemates, as well as the location of Greystone rank among the best parts of their semester experience, but living in close quarters with a large number of other individuals can lead to some minor tensions.
Greystone is a historic house, and with that come character and unique features, but also sometimes the need for repairs and service. As an older building, it obviously does not have all the modern conveniences and built-in conveniences that new construction may include. I have found that Melanie and Jacob at WIHN are quick to address concerns and problems at the house, providing repairs and service in a very timely manner. They work diligently to address issues that will improve the students’ experiences, and welcome feedback from the residents about problems and possible improvements. Additionally, they are open to things that can be provided to ensure that the environment is friendly, efficient and workable for the residents, for example, this past spring WIHN upgraded the internet accessibility and added additional cooking options for the kitchen to in response to student input.
Our students have found the neighborhood to be a safe place to live, with ready access to bus and rail transportation – as well as being within very manageable walking distance to numerous sites and work places.
I certainly recommend WIHN in terms of their administration, as well as Greystone as a very good option for student internship housing in Washington D.C.
Ellen Hekman
Program Coordinator
Semester in Washington D.C.

Secola Houston
Secola Houston

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Living at the WIHN has been, overall, a really great experience. WIHN management is very open and responsive. The location is incredible, the Senate Square apartments are extremely nice, and each apartments comes with all the furnishing and appliances you need to just move right in and feel at home. I would definitely recommend WIHN housing to anyone who is interning in DC, especially for a short period of time. The price is well worth it. Your are in an extremely central location (steps from the metro and grocery store) plus you don't have to worry about buying things for an apartment that you're only going to move out of in a few months. If you move to Senate Square, don't forget to check out the rooftop at night to see the incredible view of the Capitol and the Washington Monument!

Eryn Quinn
Eryn Quinn

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

My time at the WIHN was a fantastic experience! With its central location, great access to metro, grocery store, and night life while still being able to walk to work, I would highly recommend staying here. Senate Square apartments are beautiful, well managed, maintenance problems are taken care of quickly. The friendships I have made with my roommates will last well beyond my internship. I enjoyed cable, wifi, a washer/dryer, first-rate appliances, and an extremely comfy couch. It is definitely well worth the price!

Nelson Rachel
Nelson Rachel

4 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

My experience with WIHN housing has been overall positive and highly recommendable.

The location of the house was very central and convenient, located two blocks from the grocery store, easy walking distance from 2 metro stops on the Red line, about a 15 minute walk to the Senate buildings and a 25 minute walk to the House office buildings. It was also close to several bars and restaurants as well as the popular H St Corridor.

The house itself was quite spacious and comfortable, despite the number of people living in it. The entire ground floor was an open common area, with a complete kitchen, dining area, and entertainment area. Although the bedrooms felt somewhat cramped at times, there was ample space in the closets and bathrooms for everyone. The home felt very secure, well furnished, and was professionally cleaned one each month.

WIHN management and maintenance were always very helpful and quick to respond to any question or issue, even after business hours and on weekends.

The cost of living in WIHN housing is as reasonable as can be expected in a city as expensive as Washington, especially considering that the living spaces come fully furnished, with all utilities and WiFi included, and with no long term lease commitment. In addition, WIHN maintenance responds to all requests generally within just a couple of days, and are available immediately to fix any more urgent problems at no extra cost to the residents.

Overall, I would highly recommend WIHN housing to anyone looking for comfortable, convenient, and reasonably priced short term housing in Washington, DC.

The Washington Intern Housing Network has well over a dozen properties under management in locations throughout the city.  We have strict criteria for properties that we allow to a part of our network.

Our homes & condo units must meet the following stringent demands;

  • Within 4 blocks of a metro station
  • Was built (or at least renovated) in the last ten years
  • Within walking distance to supermarkets or grocery stores
  • Features spacious bedrooms
  • We prefer Capitol Hill (NoMa, H Street, Eastern Market sub neighborhoods) but will consider all locations

The WIHN doesn’t own, manage or maintain a property or apartment/condo unit measuring less than 1300 sq ft. and insist upon keeping a 3 tenant to one full bath ratio at all times regardless of the number of bedrooms.

Learn more about the areas of the city where we operate properties by choosing from the links below.

Below are just a few examples of floor plans that are in use by The WIHN:

2 Bed/2bath 1345 sq ft Unit3 bed/2.5 bath 1869 sq ft Unit3 bed/2bath 1455 sq. ft. Unit

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